Updated: 1/24/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • battle of fallen timbers
  • whiskey rebellion
  • Louisiana purchase
  • George Washington showed his leadership during battle of fallen timbers because in the text it states " the final battle of the Northwest Indian War, a struggle between Native American tribes affiliated with the Western Confederacy and their British allies. this shows it was a struggle for them to win the battle of fallen timbers.
  • the election of 1800
  • george washington showed leadership during whiskey rebellion becuase in the text it states "whiskey tax and the rebellion itself built support for the republics. This shows whiskey rebellion was uprising of farmers.
  • battle of Tippecanoe
  • Thomas Jefferson showed leadership during Louisiana purchase. in the text is stated " Thomas Jefferson purchased the louisiana purchase for 15 million dollars." this shows Thomas Jefferson was trying to buy the louisiana purchase he wanted to expand his land.
  • war hawks
  • Thomas Jefferson showed leadership during the election of 1800. for example, in the text it states "Jefferson and Aaron bur both received the identical number of votes so it was a tied. this shows Thomas Jefferson was tied with someone to be president.
  • James Madison showed leaderships during the battle of Tippecanoe. In the text it states "Harrison attacked prophets town while Tecumseh was away trying to expand the confederacy." This shows that the battle of tippeconoe was a victory.
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