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stamp Act
Updated: 8/27/2020
stamp Act
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  • I am the king and we have a war to pay for. We shall tax the colonists. They will not be represented by parliament.
  • The King thinks he can do anything. He is imposing this tax on us and insulting our sacrifice.
  • Yes, the king has no right to tax without our consent.
  • The king must be stopped. There shall not be anymore tax.
  • The king decides he will tax the colonists to pay for the war they just fought.
  • The King must be stopped lets make a group to go against the stamp act.
  • The colonists start to get angry at the king for taxing them without their consent and taking away their rights to have parliament represent them.
  • I am the king and these colonists are going against my tax. They must be stopped. This shall not go on. Every leader going against my laws shall be punished.
  • Yes sir.
  • The colonists decide they should do something about the king taxing them.
  • I shall not pay. This is nonsense. My fellow colonists and I shall revolt.
  • I need your tax money. You shall pay your taxes, the king set laws to give back to the great land of England.
  • The colonists create The Stamp Act Congress to go against the Stamp Act.
  • The king decides he will punish every patriot leader in the colonies.
  • The colonists decide to revolt violently against the king. This starts the war between England and the colonies.
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