cav story
Updated: 3/5/2020
cav story

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  • Germany Rebuilds Army
  • Germany Occupies Rhieland
  • Axis Powers Are Formed
  • March 9, 1935: Hitler rebuilds his army and creates an air force called the Luftwaffe
  • Hitler Breaks Munich Pact
  • Hey you're not allowed to be here. What are you doing?!...
  • March 7, 1936: Hitler sends troops to the Rhineland (demilitarized zone)
  • Germany Invades Poland
  • The Rhineland is ours!!!!
  • Germany will rule all of Europe!!!
  • November 1936: Germany, Italy, and Japan form an alliance called the Axis powers
  • Britian/France Declare War on Germany
  • Our alliance will never be stopped!! we are too powerful! The world is ours!
  • We Declare War on you Germany. You must pay for what you have done!
  • March 1939: Hitler invades and controls Bohemia & Moravia in Western Czechoslovakia
  • ...HAHAHA. Stupid Czech, we are Germany we can do whatever we want!!!
  • September 1, 1939: Germany invades western Poland
  • Warsaw
  • September 3, 1939: Britain and France declare war on Germany (Official start of WW2)
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