Communicating Results to Parents
Updated: 2/7/2020
Communicating Results to Parents

Storyboard Description

Communicating overall performance of a student and about his social skills and misbehaviour during PE lessons.

Storyboard Text

  • Greeting and self Introduction
  • Hello Mr & Mrs Chen. I appreciate that you came with such short notice. I'm Tapas, your son's PE teacher.
  • Hello Mr Tapas.Thanks and we appreciate your concern for Andy.
  • Setting a positive environment
  • So before we start our discussion, I would like to show you a few videos and Andy's performance reports of different PE activities. Andy Is a bright child and his all the performances are really impressive.
  • Great, we are excited to see his videos & work.
  • Wow, Really. We were expecting a lot of complaints against him.
  • Sharing the purose
  • As you saw his performance and talent, he is excellent in his work. But that's not; what I wanted to discuss with you. I noticed that Andy doesn't communicate well with his friends though he listens to all my instructions, he started misbehaving with his friends, likes to stay alone, he wanted to gain others attention.
  • Ohh! We didn't know about that. We received a few emails from his HR teacher, and we enquired with him. He promised that he would not repeat, but didn't realise that it's so severe.
  • Gathering Informations
  • How Andy behaves at home? Does he communicate well with you all? Due to his behaviour problem, he is not performing well and also not able to mix up with classmates.
  • Ok, now I can understand the problem.
  • I think Andy wants to stay with me, play with me and due to my work I have to stay away from home most of the time. We used to spent a lot of time together when he was in grade 1, as I remember.
  • He always complains that why dad is not with me. He have a feeling that his dad doesn't love him? He doesn't even attend his father's call.
  • Suggestion and Plan Now
  • So, Mr & Mrs Chen, as I understand, Andy misses your company, and sudden engagement in the job leaves a negative mark in his life. And he probably started believing that you don't love him anymore.
  • So I have a few suggestions for both of you. Mr Chen, you have to spend weekends with your family and especially go out with Andy as much as possible. Spend time with him whenever you are at home. Talk to him about his studies, school and soccer practice. It will help him realise that you still care for him. Whenever you go on a business trip, tell him why you are leaving, and you will call him every day. Mrs Chen, it would help if you talk to Andy whenever you get time about his father's job and engagement. Also, let him know how much you both are concern about him.
  • Wow, that's a great idea. I will try and spend more time with him and take him for jogging around the lake whenever I'm at home.
  • And I will talk to him as you suggested.
  • How to communicate and goodbye
  • I will try my best to engage during PE and breaks. Please take my WeChat and contact number so that we can communicate every week once to update the progress.
  • Ok, Bye and take care.
  • We are so happy that you thought so much about our child. We were worried about his result and almost the same feedback from all the teachers.
  • Thank you Mr. Tapas & bye bye