The Feudal System
Updated: 7/20/2020
The Feudal System
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  • The Freemen
  • Whew! The knight never said that this work was so difficult on a nice, hot, summer day!
  • The Serfs
  • You always believe you can no matter how many times I tell you. We are born into our class!
  • One day, I will be king, or even a noble or a kight!
  • The Knights
  • This is my manor. I own the serfs you might have seen earlier , & the freeman is working for me, as I speak.
  • The freemen, like the man here, paid the knights/nobles to farm land. They moved wherever/whenever they pleased.
  • The Nobles & Lords
  • Welcome to my humble abode, one of the many 3/4 land/feifs of the king.
  • The serfs were linked to thier current lord, unable to leave. They made up most of the pesants, but were not enslaved. Serfs got food, protection, & shelter to farm the land & pay rent. They also had the oportunity to farm their own land 4/7 days of the week.
  • The Kings
  • We are the King & Queen who made the laws & owned the country.
  • The knights got fiefs, another word for plots of land, & serfs in return for homage & military service. They respected women & their lords & went to church often. The serfs lived in villages, but the knights got to live in their own manors & castles.
  • The Feudal System Pyramid
  • The KIng
  • The lords/nobles were the ones with the greatest power, other than the king. They owned lots of land, & got fiefs & peasants for loyalty & military aid. They were masters to knights & many serfs, & had the most land of the three.
  • The king gave 3/4 of his land to churches & lords/nobleswho swore an oath to be forever loyal to him.
  • But it was mostly me.
  • This is the Feudal system. Now you know how hard/easy it must have been to live in the Medieval Times.
  • The Lords & Nobles
  • The Knights
  • The Freemen & Serfs
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