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Updated: 2/4/2020
Mythology Comic Strip
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  • Go now, my son. Shoot Psyche with your arrow.
  • Venus sent Cupid to shoot Psyche so she would fall in love.
  • As Cupid shot Psyche, she awoke, startling him, and causing him to accidentally poke himself with his arrow. Cupid found himself in love so he healed Psyche and left immediately.
  • Venus watched over Psyche for the days following. When she noticed no change, she cursed Psyche so she wouldn't catch the eye of any man.
  • Psyche's parents became worried that she wouldn't marry so they visited the oracle of Apollo. The oracle said that she would wed no mortal man but rather the man who lived on the mountain.
  • Her parents felt they had no choice so they gave Psyche away. Psyche assumed she would live a miserable life with a monster.
  • Instead, the mysterious man treated her like a queen. Although she never got to see her husband, she still interacted and loved him.
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