Mythology Comic Strip 2
Updated: 2/3/2020
Mythology Comic Strip 2
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  • Psyche's sisters came to visit her one day. They convinced her that her husband was a monster since he wouldn't let her see him. She became worried and decided to sneak a peak. During the night, she lit a candle and saw her husband was Cupid! Her love for her husband grew.
  • Cupid woke and saw that his wife had betrayed him. He was heartbroken and burnt by hot oil. He flew away.
  • Psyche wanted her husband back so she went to Venus. Venus was upset that Psyche broke her son's heart so she sent her on impossible quests.
  • First, Venus told Psyche to sort a pile of seeds by nightfall. Psyche felt defeated until many ants came to help her sort.
  • Second, Psyche was sent to collect golden wool from a herd of sheep. She was told to collect a small portion from each sheep.
  • Psyche couldn't cross the river to get to the sheep but Cupid secretly persuaded the River God to help his love.
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