English project
Updated: 1/2/2021
English project

Storyboard Text

  • I picked it up
  • One sunny morning when we were all sitting at the table we saw father going to the scullery and coming immediately back to the kitchen and then keeping a rabbit on the table
  • Is this rabbit alive
  • It is a real rabbit!Who gave it to you father
  • Where did you get it
  • On the field with a dead mother rabbit and three dead little ones
  • Our mother did not approve of the idea of keeping a rabbit because she did not wanted the tragedy of dead pets
  • Where?
  • But why did you bring it!
  • It is good that he brought him, he is too small to live alone
  • I think it will live for long ,they don't always die
  • Mother and father are arguing about whether to keep the rabbit or not
  • The rabbit will not live for long don't you remember what had happened the last time
  • Why will it not live for long father?
  • The rabbit was not drinking the milk which was given to him
  • Put this rabbit down in the field and you all have to go and get dressed for your school
  • It prefers to sulk its life away, this silly little thing
  • The rabbit became more silent and then was put in a dark corner of the cold parlour
  • Why doesn't it drink the milk we gave him mother?
  • The rabbit was kept under the copper fireplace so that it imagines itself inside a hole and 4 saucers were kept here and there on the floor so that whenever the rabbit jumps it comes upon some food
  • Father! The rabbit is alive
  • Of course and mind how you go in
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