Tyreke storyboard
Updated: 1/23/2020
Tyreke storyboard
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  • This is Tyreke Abdullah. He makes a decent income, but instead decides he more enjoys living under the comfort of this bridge. His favorite food to eat are apples. When he eats the apples, the chemical energy transfers into his body, helping him to move and create mechanical energy.
  • In his free time, Tyreke likes to play basketball. When he shoots the ball, the mechanical energy from his body transfers into the ball. The ball then hits the backboard, making a little bang sound, as the mechanical energy from the ball transfers to sound energy.
  • After basketball, Tyreke goes back to his friend's house, where they sometimes work out or just grab some snacks. when Tyreke turns on the light switch, electric energy runs through the circuit and then transforms to light energy as the house is lit up.
  • Finally, Tyreke decides to spend the night at his friend's, so turns on the fan before settling down for the night. Electric current runs from the switch to the fan, creating mechanical energy as it spins.
  • The end. Tyreke loves you
  • Thanks for watching!
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