Updated: 8/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • How do you feel about what's happening?
  • Mom, you wouldn't understand.
  • I want to! Let's try out an app that might be fun.
  • Okay, let's try it.
  • These articles and viewpoints are important. I'll share them with April.
  • June and April have a hard time talking about sensitive topics like Black Lives Matter. June worries about what April is feeling - and April thinks her Mom "just doesn't get it".
  • Mom, look at these TikToks my friends made.I'm ready to talk.
  • June has heard about an app, I-mediator, that helps makes conversations about topics more fun and informed. She creates an account and shares and sends an invite with April.
  • Let's take a short quiz together.What did we learn? How do we feel?
  • June looks up "Black Lives Matter", browses through the content, and sends content to April: videos and interactive features about US history, the civil-rights movement, and the complexity of society.
  • Here's more on BLM you should look at!
  • April watches the videos and takes the quizzes. In turn, she uses the app to send content back to her mother, including links and content from her friends.
  • After dinner, June and April sit and get ready to talk. The app leads them through fun and educational discussion activities that match their priorities.
  • Both April and June felt the discussion went great, and rated each of app's individual activities. The app sends them occasional updates, and recommends more activities for future discussions.