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Updated: 9/23/2018
Lauren Burnett Story Board
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  • So why does the english language even need phrases and clauses
  • We need clauses because it makes sentences simple and shorter. We need phrases to put nouns ad verbs together to make since.
  • Colons are used to introduce something. Semicolons are used to join two independent clause. Which means they help join things or start thing to make writing easier
  • Can you explain why the english language needs semicolons and colons
  • They are considered dependent because it has a subject and verb but doesn't express a full idea
  • how are dependent clauses are considered dependent?
  • The role is putting together a independent clause and dependent clause to a sentnce, to have two functions within a sentence
  • Whats the role of a subordinating conjunction ?
  • 1. Hey how are you today, school good? 3. Yes i have, it was super hard to me. 5. Just didn't get it, i really need help with math.
  • 2. Yes it is, have you done the homework? 5. Well it was super easy to me, why was it hard?
  • Example I had a huge meal; however, I am already hungry
  • You use semicolons when you join two independent clauses in one sentence.
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