Updated: 3/15/2021

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  • Catherine McAuley was born on the 29th of September 1778 in Dublin, Ireland. Catherine McAuley had a brother named James and a sister named Mary. James McAuley, Catharine's father made a will and shortly after when Catherine was five he died.
  • Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy on the 12 December 1831 and now in 2021 there are 11,000 members in the Sisters of Mercy
  • Catherine McAuley created a home for people who were poor to stay in, as well as that she taught less fortunate people how to read and write because they couldn't afford an education.
  • Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy first came to Australia In 1846 and to Papua New Guinea in 1956. The Sisters of Mercy began teaching in Mount Gambier in 1880
  • Catherine McAuley and Marcellin Champagnat began teaching reading, writing and arithmetic and catholic faith. They devoted themselves to the poor, often the rural poor, whose need for a Catholic education
  • Catherine McAuley is remembered because she created places for less fortunate people to live and learn. In 1831, the Sisters of Mercy were established in Dublin by the well respected Catherine McAuley to provide compassionate assistance to the poor. Catherine devoted her life to helping the poor, especially women, and in 1827 she founded the House of Mercy.