Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Why did they leave? I would not have been any trouble. What will I do now
  • I have no one left. But, I am going to do what they would want me to do, make it to the refugge camp safley
  • I need to help my family. I am going to build wells so they can have fresh water.
  • In this section, Salva's group leaves him. They leave him because they think he is going to be weak and he was going to complain about everything. The he meets a lady who takes care of him.
  • Salava's uncle and friend Marial are both killed. Salva has no one left. The group does not share any food with Salva because he is a kid. Even though they didn't give him those thing he didn't give up and kept walking.
  • Salva's gets a email from his cousin. He finds out his family is still alive in Sudan. Salva goes to Sudan and builds wells so his family and the community could have fresh water.