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why it rais
Updated: 3/29/2019
why it rais
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  • One day Seymorse went out walking.
  • I should kill this stupid peasant 
  • Please, just some money my king
  • Seymorse brought his foot back down on the man's hand
  • Owww! My hand!
  • A couple of days later...
  • After lying in bed for a couple of days he felt better and went for a walk in the village
  • .It's too crowded I need to get out of here
  • One of the many beggars reached out a hand and tugged on the hem of long gold cloak asking for money.
  • Throwing of his dirty rags revealing a super muscly man.
  • “Seymorse you have been a bad man I there forbanish you to the sky for eternal hard work”
  • ‘I should kill this disgusting man for touching my clothes without my permission’ and then he thought ‘but that would make me look bad and people will think I am unreasonable’ so instead he pulled up his foot and brought it back down on the man’s hand with a painful CRUNCH!
  • Zeus banished Seymorse to the sky.
  • As he walked he looked around looking happily at the hustle and bustle of the streets, people haggling, carts rattling through the streets with their owners shouting out what they were selling
  • Seymorse began to cry.
  • Seymorse backed away in fear as the man rose up throwing of his dirty rags revealing a super muscly man wearing gleaming gold amour golden helmet, boots and leg guards.
  • Seymorse felt him self levitating away from the castle away from his wealth. Seymorse began to cry, a lot.
  • Seymorse began to cry, a lot. Soon his tears rain down on the kingdom and then soon around the world, and when they come down to earth we call it rain.
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