How Rangitoto Island was Created
Updated: 3/23/2020
How Rangitoto Island was Created

Storyboard Text

  • The Beginning
  • A Troublemaker is Born
  • Aloe is a great friend
  • Ookymooky
  • Above the top most clouds was a land the dragons called home. This mystical place was where the first dragons were born through glowing orbs.
  • Happiness or Grief?
  • The 9th firefeet in a millenium, Haru, has hatched from his deep maroon shell. 
  • Trouble
  • King Yuki has discovered a new land the dragons call Ookymoky. This is the habbitants of things so called 'humans'.
  • I can't move
  • I'm a popular landmark?!
  • I give up on spitting fire...
  • The portal opening - one of the most important ceremonies in the dragons' heart.
  • In the aroma of strawberries and happiness, trouble-maker Haru did something that ruined his life forever. He set the portal on fire!
  • I Will rule!
  • To end Haru's dream, Queen Akari turned him into a rock formation because she wanted to be the one who rules.