Unknown Story

Updated: 10/1/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Chico
  • Pequena
  • *Sitting in the van*
  • Pulga
  • Mami
  • ¨Ay, Pequena, I tried
  • ¨Pues, mira, una sirvienta.¨
  • Ferromex
  • ¨those guys are gonna get on the train too
  • ¨they are asking that worker when they are gonna take off i bet
  • when will it?
  • *Chico fell of the train*
  • They sat in silence while in the van.
  • *Guns being pointed at them*
  • Mami and Pequena are at the resort. Pequena is talking to her mami how good she looks with her housekeeping clothes.
  • Gancho
  • *Nilsa trying to keep up*
  • Nilsa
  • Pequena, Pulga, and Chico are waiting for another train to come. When they notice other people at a further distance (refugees) approaching the train as well. (Chico is no longer with them)
  • *Ghostly noises*
  • Pulga and Pequena are back on a van going to meet up with there Tio but while they look out at the window and see men pointing guns at them.
  • They are at a dessert and the temperature is dropping and they are beginning to get tired but they are fighting their sleep to find shelter.
  • Nene
  • i'm tired now
  • They come along a range of mountains and its another day but they are hallucinating due to lack of sleep & no food. While being there they hear ghostly noises.