The Peace in the Tunnel
Updated: 2/3/2021
The Peace in the Tunnel

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  • The Peace in the TunnelLily ChildressPd. 2
  • From the very beginning, Equality had always known he was much different from his brothers. He was far more advanced and curious than any of them, however, where he lived, that was something to be ashamed of and a great sin. Since Equality was so different, he got treated much worse than all his brothers and struggled throughout his years in school.
  • "It is a sin to write this. It is a sin to think words no others think and to put them down upon a paper no others are to see." - pg. 17
  • ....
  • At the age of 15, everyone is assigned a job they will have for the majority of their life. It had always been Equality's dream to be a Scholar. However, when his name was called he was assigned "Street Sweeper".
  • "This was the only thing which moved, for the lips of the oldest did not move and they said 'Street Sweeper.'"- pg. 26
  • One day while sweeping, Equality and International 4-8818 find a tunnel left from the Unmentionable Times. This is where Equality will spends most his time for the next two years. His tunnel is the only place where he can truly be himself and explore his curiosity, without feeling ashamed of it.
  • "It was a great tunnel... We knew suddenly that this place was left from the Unmentionable Times." - pg. 32
  • Equality was happy with his discovery of the tunnel, however International didn't feel the same way. He was worried they would get caught and they should report their find to the City Council. However, after some convincing from Equality, International agreed not to say anything.
  • "They backed away, as if they dared not touch us...'We shall report our find to the City Council and both of us will be rewarded.'" - pg. 33
  • Everything's gonna be just fine!
  • I don't feel so good about this...
  • Every night, Equality returns to his tunnel with stolen candles and other materials like manuscripts. These will help him solve things, that even the Scholars don't know of.
  • "Now we sit in the tunnel for three hours each night and we study." - pg. 35