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Updated: 3/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hello can I make you a pair of shoes
  • last time I checked Im supposed to be asking you if I could make YOU a pair of shoes.
  • Trade and Commerce
  • HELLO! What a beautiful family you have there sir. Would you like to buy a balloon?
  • TT
  • Are you sure?
  • No thanks
  • Yes we are sure. Come on guys, lets go.
  • Homes and Households
  • Zzzzz....
  • Hes trying to make money and so is she. However they both do the same job. They're competing with each other to see who can make the most money but they're not having any luck.
  • Disease and Medical Treatment
  • Im going to draw blood from your arm ok?
  • The old man is trying to trade a balloon for money. But, the family hes trying to sell the balloon to doesn't want it. For some reason he keeps asking them.
  • Crime and Punishment
  • The mom is teaching her daughter how to cook. The dad is being lazy and letting his son down because hes supposed to be teaching him how to fight but hes sleeping. So now the son has to watch the mom teach the daughter how to cook. Why do women have to do all the work?? Shame on the dad.
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • The doctor is drawing blood from the patient. Shes doing this because in medieval times they thought it would ¨balance to the body and spirit.¨ This is called “bloodletting”.
  • ok, whatever you have to do doc
  • These men and women are in jail for committing crimes. They've stolen, pick-pocketed, and robbed people and their houses. Now they are doing the time for their crimes.
  • The people of the town attend a royal ball. They dance, sing, and listen to music. Oh look- the king and queen have arrived.