Hampton English/SLO

Updated: 9/29/2021
Hampton English/SLO

Storyboard Text

  • Reservation for two.
  • I've decided id give being a superhero a shot.
  • I think that's great, you already have some experience in crime from college, and it will help our community feel safer!
  • *crash**screams*
  • *crash**screams*
  • After Diner
  • I'll save you
  • He's stealing my things, help!
  • You, caught the burglar!?
  • Someone had to.
  • You have my word, we'll do our job and protect your community from now on.
  • Now hopefully, you'll understand that just because were a low income community doesn't mean we don't need protection, this is the 4th break-in, in this building this week , if you won't do your job I'll have to.