science comic chemical and physical change
Updated: 4/9/2021
science comic chemical and physical change

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  • ooohh the cake should be done by now.
  • i cant wait to taste it
  • so a physical change is a change in matter where the substance/ object stays the same but the miloquils get moved around which may cause the object/ substance to change its state
  • whatt!! why didn't it cook it is still batter.
  • it didn't cook because you didn't even turn the oven need heat to cause a chemical change in the ingredients of a cake.
  • A what ! in the ingredients of a cake. 
  • you know, physical and chemical change, don't tell me you forgot what we learned in science 2 years ago already .
  • ok so a what is a chemical change
  • How???
  • this happens by the breaking apart or sticking together of miloquils and you can cause a chemical change usually by adding or taking away heat to or from an object.
  • A chemical change is a change in matter where the miloquils or atoms begin to create a new substance within the old one .
  • she definitely did.
  • Really,fine
  • wow cool, what is a physical change?but first can we go sit down.
  • you know you are already sitting don´t you, ok fine
  • also physical changes are reversible and chemical chan- ges are not.
  • that to
  • right, also unless somebody forgot to turn the oven on again the cake should be lets go.
  • it is a physical change because it is still paper and no new substance has been formed.
  • Oooh ok i get it now so when you burn wood that would be a chemical change because it is irreversible and the miloquils have formed a completely new substance. And when you melt ice into water that would be a physical change because the miloquils were just moved around and you can change the water back into ice again.But wait is ripping paper physical or chemical?