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romulus and remus
Updated: 9/16/2020
romulus and remus
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  • The river god Tibernus ensured their safety by calming the river, and he caused their basket to catch in the roots of a nearby fig tree. The twins were first discovered by a she-wolf, she raised them as her own.
  • Romulus and Remus mother was forced to be a vestal virgin so when found pregnant king (Amulius) wanted to burry them alive but he feared the god (marcs or Hercules) wrath so instead he imprisons Rhea and ordered the twins death by live burial but the maids took pity and put them in a basket instead.
  • Eventually, they were discovered and cared for by a shepherd and his wife: Faustulus and Acca Larentia. The two boys grew up to be shepherds like their adoptive father.
  • One day while they were herding their sheep, they were met by shepherds of King Amulius. These shepherds started a fight with Romulus and Remus in which Remus was captured and taken before King Amulius.
  • Romulus gathered and incited a band of local shepherds to join him in rescuing his brother. King Amulius believed that Rhea Silvia's children were dead; he did not recognize Remus or Romulus. Romulus freed his brother, and in the process killed King Amulius.
  • wn order to settle their disagreement, they agreed to consult augury; augury is a type of prophecy in which birds are examined and observed to determine what actions or persons the gods favour
  • aventine hill
  • palatine hill
  • Romulus claimed to have seen tweleve birds.
  • ramus claimed to see six birds
  • After Amulius' death, the brothers rejected the citizens' offer of the crown of Alba Longa and instead reinstated Nimitor as king. They left Alba Longa seeking to found their own city, and each set out to find the best locale.
  • dIn response to Romulus' construction, Remus made continuous fun of the wall and his brother's city. Remus was so bold as to jump over Romulus' wall jestingly. In response to Remus' mockeries and for jumping over his wall, Romulus, angered by his brother's belittlement, killed him.
  • Romulus mournfully buries his brother, bestowing upon him full funeral honours.
  • Romulus named his city Roma after himself. Following the foundation of his city, Romulus instated a government system which implemented senators and patricians. As the popularity of his city and government system grew, so did the population.
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