Indian removal
Updated: 2/11/2020
Indian removal

Storyboard Text

  • Native Americans are living peacefully on their homeland
  • President Andrew Jackson moves along the movement to have Native Americans removed and put somewhere else. 
  • we need to remove these savages from our land!
  • The government pressures the Kickapoo tribe into agreeing to an unfair treaty.
  • Native Americans all lived happily together on the land that they have been living on for hundreds of years. They had established their entire lives there and weren't expecting to be leaving anytime soon.
  • U.S Soldiers Forced the Native Americans to leave immediately
  • you need to get out of here
  • President Andrew Jackson violates the constitution and despite congress's decision moves forward with his plan to force Native Americans off their homeland. There was and still is a lot of controversy about this action.
  • Tribes were forced to walk over 50 miles
  • At a meeting the government threatened the Kickapoo into signing a treaty that they weren’t comfortable with. The treaty said that the Kickapoo would have to move to Missouri and leave their land to the U.S.
  • The Kickapoo we’re forced to settle in Missouri
  • Government Soldiers invaded the Native American territories. They could only take what they could carry and little time to prepare for the long and intense trip they were about to embark on.
  • Native Americans could only get there by foot. Those who gave our were killed on the side of the road and then there was those who became sick or injured. The children had to be carried practically the whole way. Many staved or passed out from heat or dehydration and were left to die.
  • Native Americans had to create a whole new home out of only what they could bring along on the journey there. The new land wasn’t nearly as fertile or resourceful. They struggled a lot having to build a whole new lifestyle with what they had.
  • its awful here
  • I want to go back home