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Ready Player one
Updated: 9/24/2020
Ready Player one
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  • Parzival refuses so the sixers blow up his house.His aunt and uncle he lived with and the nice old lady die but Wade/Parzival doesn't because he never games at home
  • All but one of the gates are open and and after Wade sees this he makes a plan to get arrested by the sixers and hacks them from the inside.After he puts everything in place he escapes
  • Daito is killed in real life by the sixers and Sorento personally, that is when shoto found out his real name.This is what aggravated the group to the point of having no mercy against the sixers.
  • Parzival gets through the final gate after using his revival token.Which was disguised as a coin that couldn't be moved from inventory that he got form a arcade machine in the beginning of the game by getting a perfect score
  • Parzival meets Artemis in real life.They connect because of their experiences.They introduce themselves as Wade/Parzival and Samantha/Art3mis.
  • The sixers try to recruit Parzival in the game after he finds the first key.He meets Sorrento the leader of the sixers.Parzival started this meeting hating the sixers and the meeting makes them hate them more
  • Parzival has a meeting with Art3mis,Aech,Daito, and Shoto.After Parzival explains everything they understand the siutation and also won't team up because of the code they live by as gate hunters/gunters
  • He explains what he's done to the group and explains what has to happen.They then get a message from ogen morrow the co-creator of the game invites them to a his house so they can safely log into the oasis to do the war
  • everyone turns the key at the same time and almost get through before the sixers set off the big nuke.Everyone in the area died even everyine in the group
  • By getting through the last gate and beating the puzzle he became game master.He owns the game now and can limit the sixers.
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