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Updated: 12/24/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Bloody Sunday
  • we are just unarmed communism, peasant who want to talk to Czar.
  • We want more Freedom for industrial workers
  • on no we're being shot at !
  • February Revolution
  • We want Czar gone
  • Czar! Czar! Czar!
  • Lets meet at the Duma
  • We want more
  • Lower prices
  • Listen to us ! we want more
  • .Civil War.
  • You have won
  • Give it up we have won this war
  • The army red won !!!!!!!
  • Bloody Sunday occurred during January 22, 1905 when 200,00 people went to petion for better work conditions, and freedom. 500-1000 unarmed were shot at this caused a wave of strikes across the country. 
  • Rasputin murder
  • The Revolutions of 1905
  • Your fault for speeding corruption.
  • The February revolution started because the people have started to lose faith in the leadership of Cazar. This caused riots to spred throught Russia that started at the Petrograd.
  • October Revolution
  • What are y'all doing ?
  • Do you know who I am ? I am Czar !
  • Don't make us use force on you ?
  • The Red army won and crushed all enemies of Bolssekvik rule (white army). The white army wanted to stop Lenin but failed. This war took time between 1918 - 1920.
  • Stalin V.S Trotsky
  • Lenin Rule
  • Do you support the Stalin?
  • Yes so what
  • 1915 Rasputin was murder. He was set up for a fake dinner to get ride of him. They poisoned him with cake and wine. Russia was the master mind of his death. This was the beginning of change.
  • WHY???
  • The October revolution of 1917, was when they overthrew Czar. The government was replaced by a republic government.
  • We Need You Out!
  • Trotsky was the leader of the red army and Stlin was a seceratly. Trostsky was later banned from all commuist party by Stalin. Stalin had enemies who supported Trotsky he then killed them which caused a purge. Stalin had won this.
  • Shot him!
  • No sir
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