Yasmin Calmo
Updated: 3/11/2020
Yasmin Calmo
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  • Minos demanded that every year King Aegeus of Athens send him seven young men andseven young women. THey went as food for the minotaur.And then theseus said I will go as one of them and Ivow that it is the last time the Minotaur will be fed with the flesh of any of our people.” His father tried to persuade him not to go but he refused.
  • He understood the dangers but would succeed. “I will return to you, father,” criedTheseus, as the ship left the harbour wall, “and you will be proud of your son.” Before he left his father told him to change the black sails to white ones so his father would know that he was alive
  • King minos inspected the prisoners himself then he said I am not a hard-hearted man, so Iwill let you choose which one goes first into the Minotaur’s den. Who is it to be?”.Theseus stepped forward and he said he will go first.Ariadne fell in love with theseus and helped him by giving him some string so he could find his way out.
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