Empathy storyboard
Updated: 6/13/2020
Empathy storyboard
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  • Emma on her stairs thinking
  • Uh…It's not fair how when I first came to the school no one was nice to me. I would always get mean messages so I'm gonna do the same to that Emma girl cause she's also new and weird.
  • Emma sending Aleesha a mean message
  • Dear Emma,your really weird, smelly, and no one likes you Emma
  • Emma and Hanna in Emma's bedroom
  • Wow I guess that could have been funny but like you said it was mean what the people did to you and was that funny to you or was it sad cause I don't think that was the right thing to do.
  • Hanna you wont believe what I did! I sent a mean message to that new Aleesha girl because when I was new to the school I would always get mean messages so I did the same to her and it was pretty funny.
  • This is Emma and there's a new girl in school. Emma thinks that because when she was new people were sending her mean messages that she can do the same to the new girl Aleesha.
  • Aleesha receiving the message
  • Emma is sending a mean message to Aleesha just like how the other kids did to her.
  • Emma in her living room
  • Hi Aleesha I know you might be mad at me and that's why I called. I just wanted to apologize for sending that mean message to you. I was upset and I didn't know what to do.You see when I started school no one was nice to me and everyone would always send mean things to me so I thought that I should do the same thing to you and my friend told me it was wrong and I'm really sorry, do you forgive me?
  • Emma tells her friend what she did and her friend is telling her that she doesn't think that was the right thing to have done and that what she did was hurtful.
  • Emma apologizing to Aleesha
  • Trust me I wont so we friends
  • Aleesha is receiving the message that Emma sent her and she is really upset.
  • Why did Emma have to do that I never said or did any thing to her.
  • Emma is thinking about what she did and realizes that what she did was wrong so she is thinking about video chatting Aleesha to say sorry.
  • Was Hanna right was I being really mean and should I not have done what I have did? I guess I didn't like it when people did it to me so I didn't do the right thing. I feel so bad now but you what tomorrow I'll video chat Aleesha and tell her and sorry.
  • Ya I understand cause sometimes when your mad you cant control what you say and it even happen to me but I forgive you as long as you wont do it again
  • Emma video called Aleesha and told her she was sorry and now they are good friends.
  • ok then were friends
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