The Monkey and the Gorilla
Updated: 11/17/2020
The Monkey and the Gorilla

Storyboard Description

Tanner Smith

Storyboard Text

  •  “Hey little guy, I bet you’re not strong enough to get those bananas at the top of the tree like I can.”
  • “I bet I can.”
  • One afternoon a loaner monkey was minding his own business and wandering through the jungle when he walked up on a huge gorilla. The gorilla was sitting at the base of a tree eating a banana. As the monkey walked by the gorilla said...
  • The monkey replied, The gorilla was amused by the monkey’s confidence and challenged him to climb to the very top of the tree to get the ripest bananas. The gorilla wasn’t sure that the little monkey would be strong enough to get all the way to the top of the tree, but he thought if he does, he’d just use him to get the bananas for him so he didn’t have to climb up there again to get more.
  • With confidence and ease the monkey leaps into the tree and swings from branch to branch until he reaches the top of the tree and gets to the ripest bunch of bananas. He grabs the bunch of bananas and decides not to bring them down for the gorilla to take from him, so he swings from tree to tree quickly escaping the gorilla since he’s so much lighter and smaller, he can quickly escape from the gorilla’s sight.
  • The gorilla realizes that the monkey outsmarted him and got away with the ripest bananas. 
  • The gorilla tries to chase the monkey thinking that he’s stronger and bigger so he should be able to catch him quickly.
  • But the monkey is small and swift so he swings from tree to tree faster than the heavy gorilla. The gorilla quickly loses the monkey in the trees and can’t keep up with him. The moral of the story is Don’t judge a book by its cover.