Unknown Story
Updated: 2/5/2020
Unknown Story

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  • On a snowy day in the afternoon deep in the forest, Henry the Hare and his pals were racing each other. when they happen to run into an unexpected animal, Mr. Barry.
  • Come on guys! Last one to the tree is a rotten egg!
  • Who goes there? What did I tell you little critters about going near my cave?
  • We were just playing a game with each other Mr. Barry. We apologize, and are hungry.
  • In fact, No, Henry, I hadn't had lunch yet, but I may have just found it!
  • Mr. Barry, just to clarify, did you happen to have l-l-lunch yet?
  • Gulp!
  • Ahhh! He ate Henry!
  • Never ever come near my "yawn" cave again! I need to hibernate now.
  • Run!