Beowulf project : The Battle of Grendel's mother

Updated: 10/5/2021
Beowulf project :  The Battle of Grendel's mother

Storyboard Text

  • If your wondering who I am or what this story is about ... i'll tell you.
  • * He walks to the other side of this room*
  • My name is Beowulf, yes the heroic guy who saves the day . Instead of dressing like a medieval guy i'm dressed as this because i am over a century old .
  • So awesome right?! Ya I know .... but I want to tell you a story about one of my greatest battles back in my days ... the battle with Grendel's mother
  • As you can see right behind me is a time machine , when we walk through the door, it's going to take us back in time to the days of medieval
  • Woah!!1AHhh*Thud*
  • Lets go!
  • *whoosh*-Beowulf if traveling back in time-
  • Ouch... ugh what happend
  • *nods head* Let's go then and see the king.
  • Beowulf you're back ! The king has been looking for you everywhere.
  • After you went to battle with Grendel and killed him; the king has been meaning to speak to you.
  • ... The man also told Beowulf that there's has been another monster attacking the kingdom and they needed help*
  • * As Beowulf and the man journeyed through the forest to see the king ....*