Updated: 1/17/2020
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  • Simon symbolizes the mind above all that will not speak. Simon has fantastic ideas, but is nervous to share them as he does not want to be called crazy. like most of society, Simon is very good at giving both sides to things and is not very bias. as he states to make both sides be heard he says "Maybe there is a beast"(Golding 69)
  • The island represents beauty. it represents the boys freedom to stay as it has bountiful food and a lot of necessities. Though it doesn't end up being a coral island as the boys think it would. Even in the story they say "but then the delight of a realized ambition overcame him"(Golding 7)
  • The conch represents Law and order throughout the island. the main reason is that it can call assemblies Piggy said"they'll come when they hear us"(Golding 20). In the story, it is the main thing that keeps the assemblies flowing easily . when the conch gets destroyed that when it gets destroyed all of the boys lose civilization as they had nothing to call meetings with.
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