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Updated: 2/20/2020
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  • The Aztec people had been walking every day for months now, searching for a new home.
  • Now the Aztec were in the center of a great valley.Their leaders at the front of the long line strode once more to the old high priest. “Is this the right place for us to stop?” the leaders asked. “Is this our new home?”Once again he told them, “No, not yet. We are waiting for a sign from the gods. When they want us to stop and make a home, they will tell us.”
  • Finally, one day their forward scouts came back to report, “There is a great lake ahead, in the center is an island.So, they all moved forward. In several hours, they had reached the lakeshore.
  • Suddenly, the high priest’s eyes opened wide. He raised his hand and pointed. “Look!” he exclaimed. “On the island.” Sitting atop it, unharmed by the cactus’ sharp thorns, was a great bird, an eagle. One of its powerful hooked talons, or claws, held the eagle steady on the cactus branch. In its other talon was a long, wriggling snake.
  • “It is the sign!” the people all muttered, and they fell to their knees on the green lakeshore.
  • That is the legend of how the Aztec came to live on and around Lake Texcoco
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