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Book club project
Updated: 10/9/2020
Book club project
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Storyboard Text

  • Michael Vey
  • T/T T/So T/Se or T/N connection
  • Static Dynamic Charector
  • Michael Vey, a teenage boy who was not normal, wanted a normal life, but the person who was responsible for the electricity that sparks from his body is hunting him down, and this man will take anyone who gets in his way. So when Michael's mother is taken by this man, he then with the help of his friends decides to fight back. The electricity shows that Michael Vey is anything but normal. Him being in the jail cell portrays the fact that he has fought back at the bad guys.
  • Setting
  • A text to text connection with this book is through Keeper of The Lost cities, because in Keeper Sophie was geneticly modified and so was Michael. These book portray the mutation on genetics to create a superhuman, this creates a Text to Text connection between the two of these books. The picture shows a laboratory to symbolize that these experiments preceded in a place like this, and the DNA symbolizes the modification of genetics that occurs in both books.
  • Conflict & Resolution
  • I chose the same picture as the first picture, to sybolize that Michael Vey doesn't change through the story, he stays calm and morally good. The slight change in the scene sybolizes that he stays the same dispite the difficulties and changes.
  • Theme
  • Well perseverance was key
  • You were brave
  • The most important setting in this book is Pasadena, Calafornia this is where the most action and important events happen. Because the school where Michael believes his mother has been taken to is located here, Michael is forced to come here in order to look for her, and for this reason most of the intense and important events are carried out here. The picture shows a city which is where the setting is.
  • There are a few problems that occur in this book, the main and most inciting one is when Michael's mom is taken by Hatch, the bad guy. Michael and his friends go to confront Hatch and his group. The resolution is that Michael and his friends become one more step closer to his mother and create a group of people who will help fight Hatch and his army. This picture shows the mom in a prison cell, this is the most important issue. Which leads to the resolution, the gate opened symbolizes that they are one step closer to her.
  • Peseverance was a theme of this book because he had to pesevere though many difficult tasks, and this proved to have a positive effect. The picture portrays the positive effect of perseverance, this being that he made it through the task that stood in his way.
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