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Updated: 12/15/2019
the novel project
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  • She's speaking in foreign tongues.
  • So, what seems to be the problem today?
  • We also have three different language professors around the world one can talk in Icelandic and one can talk in Zulu and the other one can talk in Navajo
  • Hello, folks today we have a special guest
  • 1. hallo ung kona
  • 2.Sawubona Unjani?
  • 1.Hello, sir2.Hello, I'm fine thanks.How about you?3.Pleased to meet you too
  • Nizhónígo ałhééhosiilzįįd
  • Sure, If she wants to.
  • Of couse, I would love to.
  • I wanted to ask you if she could come with me in Germany to a town called Bulgaria to translate some ancient scrolls
  • Hello, I'm Professor Coateloch. I was so amazed by Maddy's amazing talent. 
  • Maddy is in the doctor's office because her mom is worried about her being able to speak languages that she never learned or even heard before.
  • Tomorrow we're going to the monastery to translate the scrolls. Are you excited?
  • Very, I can hardly wait.
  • A month later people found about Maddy. They went to the news and was tested from people of different nationalities to see if it was true.
  • I will! as soon as you finish translating this book. I need to know the spell of becoming powerful of all witches.
  • Please let me go!
  • After that day Maddy got a visitor. A professor from the University of Cambrige. She Wanted to ask Maddy and her parents if she could go to Germany to a town called Bulgaria to translate some ancient scrolls.
  • Wait,How do you know my name? and why should I trust you?
  • Hello Maddy, I'm Mr.Chester I'm here to save you
  • A week later when Maddy and Professor Coateloch arrived at the hotel they were staying at in Germany near the monastery.
  • The next morning whenever they were about to go to the monastery Maddy was kidnapped by a witch because she wanted Maddy to to translate the scrolls that she had stolen from the monastery. It was called the Book of Spells.
  • Alright please take me home.
  • After spending weeks in that house translating some ancient scroll Maddy was really scared .Whenever the witch left to get the ingredients for the spell, A talking monkey was there to save her from the witch because that monkey was once the witch's servant and he was turned into a monkey.
  • Because I was once her servant but she became obsess of becoming the powerful witch I tried to stop her but I couldn't and so she turned me into a monkey.
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