Creative Writing
Updated: 12/10/2020
Creative Writing

Storyboard Text

  • Alexandra, come here please!
  • Ale-Alexandra PLEASE. This is-important
  • NO! Cant you see I'm busy?!
  • UGH, FINE! You always do this when I'm having fun!
  • WHAT?! You have always let others cloud your judgement! I have done nothing wrong and you know it. Why is Martha here anyway? I bet she tricked you to do this because she has always been jealous of how rich I got when I married you
  • I want a divorce. You have abused of me and your son for far to long
  • I'm here to support Jeff, something you haven't done since the start! This is HIS decision
  • Its true Alexandra. She helped me do this, so this our problem and not your sisters. I dont want to be with you anymore and im done being your puppet
  • Oh c'mon! You know its not that bad, your just being sensitive. Let me show you why you shouldn't do this
  • THATS ENOUGH! You have abused of BOTH off us for far to long. You only care for yourself and will do anything to get what you want, especially if it means derailing someone else's life just to please your own!
  • How could you say such a thing? I've done nothing to either of you. Its obvious your just jealous. Tell Martha she's jealous honey, and kick her out right now. She just wants to ruin our marriage
  • I cant believe you would both betray me like this. If you want me gone so bad then fine! Don't come crawling back to me when you realize you were wrong this whole time
  • No. You have already ruined our marriage by abusing of my love for you and mistreating our child. Its time for you to go, now.
  • ....We can stay and finish our drinks right?
  • Shut it Jade