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Updated: 2/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • don't come near me.
  • i don't feel good.
  • oh heck no
  • ACHOOO!!
  • NOOOO!!!
  • One day, a lady was very sick and noticed that her skin was not right.......
  • ummmm
  • i don't feel well
  • She couldn't lift her arm up in time for her sneeze so, she sneezed all over David!!
  • David had consumed the metrho6673 virus!!
  • He went to the doctor because he didn't feel well, and when the doctor looked at him she knew something wasn't right. She knew what it was. The metrho6673!
  • The metro6673 is a virus that will control your whole entire body and make it turn all blue!!
  • The only cure is drinking a warm caprisun.