Project for s.s
Updated: 1/19/2021
Project for s.s

Storyboard Text

  • The girl is looking at the strait of water.
  • Look at the water, it is so beautiful!
  • hi!
  • Lets go.
  • Let's follow the woolly mammoth to somewhere else!
  • The paleo-indians are following the Woolly Mammoths. This is called migration.
  • I'm going to get changed!
  • Now that the paleo- indians are in north america, and the ice age has ended, they have to adapt to there surroundings.
  • SAME! It is hot here man!
  • Now that they are not hot, they Can make artifacts and surplus.
  • This feels more like it! now, lets get farming!
  • Yeah! we are going to fast forward this a little bit..
  • It is time to feed the animals!
  • Yeah!