Life stages
Updated: 2/23/2021
Life stages

Storyboard Description

a storyboard of the impactful stages of life

Storyboard Text

  • stage 2! married life. These two have recently been married and our planning to start a family together! they are happy and in love <3
  • he's so cute when he sleeps! :D
  • hey we're really good at this!
  • stage 3!this couple is experiencing stage 3, expanding-childbearing, which is taking care for others. They are learning what it takes to care for their child and displaying lots of patience with their new parenting life.
  • I can't believe you're growing up!
  • Stage 4! their child is starting school and developing a life outside his home away from his parents for the first time. He's becoming independent and as you can see his mother is very emotional. He seems to not be worried though. With proper guidance from his parents he'll learn the responsibility of independence.
  • thanks dad! tell mom i'll be fine :D
  • you'll do great son!