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Updated: 2/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • He goes outside for a smoke but he sees a prostitute
  • Come over here Im only twenty dollars!!
  • G
  • Should I I mean I have sixty- seven dollars in my pocket but my girlfriend might come out
  • R
  • I could have a good time and give the pleasure or I can finish this smoke and go back into the building to my girlfriend and maybe get lucky tonight
  • E
  • But if I do mess with this girl I could get A disease like STD but if I go in there with my girlfriend and not get into a fight
  • A
  • Im going back in there with my girlfriend im not tryna catch a case of STD
  • T
  • Im glad i choose this choice if now me and my girl can go home without any bad consequences
  • Babe! your back lets go home I got a surprise waiting for you at home !