Sample Script

Updated: 9/14/2020
Sample Script

Storyboard Text

  • ELS: Phil sits in his final class of the day at his desk waiting for the day to end.SOT: students talking, the door opening and closing.
  • MS: Phil opens his backpack to get his books.SFX: unzipping the backpack
  • CU: His face shows bewilderment as he sees something unexpected in his bag.Teacher: Phil you need to take out your textbook and start working.
  • CU: An uncracked egg sitting inside of his backpack.
  • MS: Phil is confused with what is going on, takes the egg out of his bag, and raises his hand to go to the bathroom.Phil: Can I go to the bathroom?Teacher: Go ahead Phil.
  • LS: He stands up and walks to the door with the egg.SOT: door opens