Unknown Story
Updated: 11/28/2019
Unknown Story

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  • The forbiden part of the island was a place where demons and evil entity's lived. there were stories on how a boy was wandering around to see what things were there. The boy went missing and two weeks later his body was found by the beach.
  • "Are you to chicken to go there Zeek" laughed Sione."Fine lets go then" said Zeek. As they were walking a strange monster looking thing jumed out of a bush. "HAHA! Are you two ready to be my dinner". Said the strange monster.
  • "WHO ARE YOU?!" yelled Sione and Zeek, "I am the demon of the land, but you call me Red" said Red"Now can you two boys get me some salt so you guy can taste better when i eat you"
  • As Sione and Zeek were walking to the nearest village to find some salt, they were planning to trick Red.Zeek will give the salt to Red and then Sione will sneak up behind Red and kill him, but first they needed to find a weapon.
  • "Hey Zeek lets trick Red into giving him the salt. You give him the salt and ill sneak behind him and kill him, but first we need a weapon" said Sione "Good idea" said Zeek
  • "Here you go Red" said Zeek. "Oh i'm ready to have a..."Sione went behind red and killed him. "he's gone never to be seen again