Comic Strip. Work Rights and Responsibilities
Updated: 3/18/2020
Comic Strip. Work Rights and Responsibilities

Storyboard Text

  • Thank you Ma'am! I'm so glad to see that you're now okay
  • Doctor Aira! you're a great help! I am COVID free now!
  • Yes Aira, That true.
  • its not bad that we have a hard responsibilities as a doctor because helping other people makes us happy even though we don't have a high salary that is approriate for our work
  • Yes, To Be Honest, because of COVID-19, I want to grab my reward as a doctor like vacation leave but i realized that my responsibility to help other people is more important than my vacation.
  • besides, I'm not scared to help other people with covid because our hospital is safe and providing appropriate protective gears and equipment
  • We can say that we as a doctors are doing our best to overcome the COVID here in the Philippines. even though that some of us are already infected. I Agree with the community quarantine because that will be a great help to free the Philippines from Coronavirus 
  • Ahmm. I'm not against in the community quarantine but I wish that we as health workers have a right transportation.
  • Okay See you Later Doc. Aira
  • Oh Yess! I wish that too. By the way , I have to go now! nice chatting with you Doctor Mark