Lumber Industry, Ava Rightmire, hour 5
Updated: 4/22/2020
Lumber Industry, Ava Rightmire, hour 5

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  • *whistle*
  • Get to work!!!
  • Federick Weyerhaeuser was an immigrant who came to the USA and bought lots of woodland. He decided to get involved in the lumber industry, but he needed workers. Daniel came from Sweden, and he decided to join his father and get a job at Federick's business.
  • Move faster ya little ladies!
  • Woodland was mostly in the north and notheast are of MN, so that was where Daniel and his father headed. Before lumberjacks and businesses came, There were many, many forests in MN. But when people started living here, they started cutting down trees, and not replanting,resulting in many forests gone.
  • Hurry it up!
  • First and foremost, the trees had to be cut down. This could take multiple days, and was very tiring. So though, new machines were invented that helped the workers cut down the trees faster, and more efficiently.
  • Next, the logs had to be loaded into a wagon and carried to a nearby river. Most forests in MN were close to rivers, so this didn't take very long.
  • Finally, the logs were floated down the river, towards the mills, where they would be cut into usable boards. The problems with using the rivers was, one, they would get jammed often, and two, soon, there were no more forests close to rivers, so the journey to a river was much longer.
  • The mills turned the logs into planks that were used for building. People use wood in furniture and in our supplies.
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