Updated: 3/30/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Woohoo! Our gods are fed, another day to live.
  • What do you mean "gods", there only one god? Forget about conquering you guys, we have to talk. Follow me.
  • Our culture is better, you should convert into Christianity.
  • No way, he should make the God of Rain mad, that would be fun.
  • Huitzilopotchli has led the Aztecs to where they had to settle down.
  • Why convert when you can capture?
  • An commoner in the Aztec society saw that the human sacrifice of the day was completed, meaning that the gods were fed and the world wouldn't end. The Spanish missionary was confused on why the Aztecs worshiped many gods so the Spanish missionary decide unexpectedly decided to learn more about why the Aztecs were polytheistic.
  • Time to go convert your people into Christians.
  • How do I even get back? I have to build a causeway?
  • NO DON'T! Wait, you're not going to even bring me with you?
  • The Aztec commoner thought it would be funny to let The God of Rain punish the Spanish missionary because he was being ethnocentric, forgetting that the Aztecs were also ethnocentric.
  • Now I have to do this Xiuhmolpilli thing now?
  • Yes.
  • I have to become a Christian now?
  • The Spanish missionary shows the Aztec commoner to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella as well as telling how important they are while all the Aztec can think about is why they convert people instead of capturing them for human sacrifice.
  • Here they are, the Catholic Monarchs. They direct us to converting non-Christians into one.
  • The Spanish missionary has to go and do his job while the Aztec commoner is just in shock that he thought he had to build a causeway all the way back to Tenochtitlan.
  • The Aztec commoner and the Spanish missionary accidentally switched spots and now have to deal with each other's religions.