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Updated: 2/21/2019
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  • HI, my name is Alexa, the superhero. Right now I am just a normal person in school. I get bullied a lot right now and seeing other people and I feel bad and want to do something, and I do.
  • Steel-High School
  • your so ugly and no one likes you.
  • I was reading a book in the library, then you would never know who showed up Alex and his buddy's bullying me again, wow what a surprise. Am I right?
  • why are you reading you already dumb and never going to get smarter.
  • *get the book and throws i*
  • omg why do they have to be so rude
  • finally, the day came, where I graduate and go away from everyone in this school. I can't believe how people treat other people and act like it's fine. I really want to go and help other people who are going through this. I am going to find a way
  • thank you very much, finally, this day has come.
  • So right now you are probably wondering why I am on a plane right now and that is because after I graduate I wanted to move to California. I wanted to help people and see what is around there.
  • So thisis my house that I moved into. it is perfect for me because I can't be in crowded places. I went around looking to see what there was and I wanted to explore what was around and see what was happening
  • Both: haha your so stoopid and your a loner
  • So right now I am just shopping a little and looking around when I see these kids bullying a kid. I know how that feels and it's not good and I wanted to help the kid and the bully. I go there and tell them that isn't nice nads you shouldn't do that to people. I basically gave them a lecture and they learned and I felt good about it.
  • Hey that is not nice to say, how would u feel if someone said that to you. Please stop and treat others how you wanna be treated.
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