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Updated: 12/19/2019
PT 1
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  • I'm king louis, welcome to my crib 
  • thats not our problem
  • thank god we dont get taxed
  • Its tax season
  • but we can barely aford rent
  • enough is enough
  • we are done with this s#%t
  • we have to make a change
  • In the 1700s France was ruled by King Louis the XVI. King Louis lived a very luxurious lifestyle which included him living in a huge palace, he had a hall of mirrors for him to look at himself.
  • All this came at a cost though, France had three estates the first estate included the clergy. The second estate included the military and nobility . Finally the third estate included the working class. The third estate was the only class that was taxed by King Louis the XVI
  • But one day the third estate was tired of being taxed by King Louis the XVI, so they hatched a plan to raid the Bastille. They would raid the Bastille to take weapons to fight King Louis the XVI and the overthrow the monarchy.
  • So as a result of King Louis the XVI taxation on the third estate they raided the Bastille on July 14 1789. At the time the Bastille only contained five prisoners which made it easier for them to take it over.
  • After the raid of the Bastille they brought King Louis the XVI to justice in the court of law where him and his wife were accused of treason. After the trial King Louis the XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette were sentenced to be beheaded by guillotine.
  • Shortly after King Louis the XVI"s death, France fell into a period of anarchy. This time was called the Reign of Terror .
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