bill of rights
Updated: 2/5/2021
bill of rights

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  • The First Amendment :people are guaranteed freedom of religion, speech and press.
  • you have to be christian!!!
  • i dont have to be im catholic
  • the Second Amendment protects the rights of citizens to own and use guns.
  • you cant carry a gun
  • i have the rights to protect myself
  • The Third Amendment : Americans can no longer be forced to let soldiers stay in their homes.
  • i need somewhere to sleep!!
  • No go find somewhere else
  • The Fourth Amendment : U.S.citizens are protected from "unreasonable" search and seizure
  • I need it for evidence
  • have you heard of the 4th amendment
  • you cant take my dog
  • The Fifth Amendment you cannot be tried for a serious crime .
  • you have the right to remain silent
  • i didn't do it though