Myrtle Wilson
Updated: 11/4/2020
Myrtle Wilson

Storyboard Text

  • She was killed instantly. He didn't even stop his car
  • Killed instantly huh?
  • George, that car I offered you earlier was not actually mine. My car is a blue coupe.
  • Oh my god! Oh my god!
  • Myrtle was instantly killed by the speeding car, and Daisy sped off without even stopping. Myrtle was said to be bleeding and her blood mixing with the dust on the ground. This is represented by the specs of dust in the puddle.
  • Tom Nick and Jordan drive past the scene of the crime and see a group of people huddled around George's garage. This group includes police officers who inform him that the person who was hit was killed. Tom then sees his dead girlfriend.
  • Tom finds George by following his hollow ghastly cries. He then makes sure that George knows that he was not the one who killed Myrtle. He lets him know that the car was not actually his, but a man named Jay Gatsby's. George also naturally assumed that this was the man having an affair with his