Updated: 11/7/2018
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  • I was sitting on the beach and steve walked up and said Rusty-James is that you. At first i didnt know who it was and then we started talking about things that had gone on back in the day and it all came flooding back.
  • After the memories started coming back suddenly i remembered it all. The first thing i remembered is when me and Bill Wilcox got into it and he pulled out a knife on me when i had no weapons.
  • Once he pulled out the knife i tried to get it from him but he gave me a pretty good gash in my side and i started losing a lot of blood But once i got him on the ground and got the knife away i could have broken his arm but didn't. That is when The Motorcycle Boy showed up and called off the fight.
  • Me and Steve were out walking after Steve's mother had been put in the hospital and I saw a car with some nice hubcaps and I thought it would be an easy twenty bucks but Steve did not like it. Whenever i was on the last hubcap the owner of the car and started chasing us so we ran and made it to an apartment complex and climbed up on the roof. I jumped from one roof to another but Steve did not want to. When i finally convinced him to jump he did and he had almost fell off the roof but he had finally gotten up and we ran away.
  • A while after that we went out with the motorcycle boy and he left us behind and we couldn't find him so we just started drinking and got way too drunk and passed out. whenever we woke the lights were off and there was no one in sight so we stumbled out of the bar and tried to find our way home. we were headed home and decided to cut throught some allies. when we went through the allie we heard a voice say stop. There were two figures at the end of the allie
  • When we did what they said they walked up behind us and asked for all our money. whenever they figured out we didnt have any money i tried to attack them and one of them cracked me in the back of the head with a bat and i though i was dead. i could see just not move or talk and right then The Motorcycle Boy came along and beat both of em up real good until they limped away. Then he held my lifeless body until the morning when i woke up and we started on the way home. Once i was healed up me Steve and The Motorcycle Boy went to the Pet Store after it closed and broke in to let all of the animals out cause The Motorcycle Boy wanted to and when he was headed down to the stream to put the fish in a cop said stop then shot him in the back and killed him.
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