US Economic System
Updated: 12/11/2019
US Economic System
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  • Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me study for the Economic System test.
  • Ya sure
  • Totally
  • Sure does but if your store does not end up going well you have to live with the outcome of it.
  • So first things first is, freedom of choice. Freedom of choice means that you can make your own decisions but.. you have to put up with the consequences.
  • Sounds rough.
  • Wow so does that mean i can open my own store and do anything i want with it?
  • And how is watching a basketball game gonna help me study?
  • So why are we at a basketball game?
  • See competition is the rivalry among businesses to sell their goods. And it might help you to think of it like a sport game.
  • Well you see these two teams are each others competition.
  • Hmm interesting.
  • Ummm why are we in some guys office?
  • What does profit mean?
  • Well you see this is a business worker. And he is making a profit.
  • Profit means businesses invest resources and take risks for one primary purpose.
  • Here's our last spot! Private Property the right to private property if when you can own,use or dispose of things.
  • That's cool and all but I think we should RUN!
  • hey what are you kids doing on our private property!!
  • Any time let us know if you need anymore help with tests.
  • Oh i understand!
  • Thanks guys for all your help i'm gonna get an A on my test.
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