Biodiversity Hero
Updated: 5/23/2020
Biodiversity Hero

Storyboard Text

  • Meet Sasha the Biodiversity Hero
  • Hi I'm Sasha! I have a feeling invasive species are on their way, will you come help me solve this problem?
  • Infectious Bats on the loose!
  • Someone Help!!
  • Sasha's Change
  • I knew this was going to happen, time for my help.
  • Time to save my city!
  • Sasha is an undercover superhero that poses as an average human. She is actually from Biodiversity planet, a world outside of ours. She came to protect the city of Greenville from any threats. Sasha has a killer instinct for future threats and she feels one coming.
  • Sasha's Solution
  • OH NO!! Disease infected bats are on the loose in Greenville. Everyone began to run indoors for safety. These invasive species are putting the citizens in danger! Who can help them?
  • The Outcome
  • Sasha knew these invasive species were infected with a deadly disease. She needed to get rid of them before they started attacking the citizens. So it was time to change into her superhero form!
  • Glory
  • Who saved us?
  • Thank you magical hero
  • Sasha knew bats were terrified of owls so she used them as a biological augmentation. Biological augmentation is using natural predators and adding them to the environment. She knew the owls would help her save the day.
  • The citizens of Greenville noticed the sudden disappearance of the infectious bats. They could not figure out who saved them. Even though they were puzzled, the realization of their safety was more important.
  • Where did they go?
  • Who saved us?
  • Are they gone?
  • Sasha was glad she was able to save the day. She was also happy that her true identity wasn't discovered. Next time invasive species will think twice about terrorizing her city!